Entertaining in genes for NI-bound comic Sophie McCartney

The stand-up is a cousin of Beatle Sir Paul McCartney, so entertaining is in her genes.

She forged a career online, becoming a sensation with hundreds of thousands of followers.

Ahead of her debut Belfast show, Sophie told Sunday Life she had to go the extra mile to overcome her fear of flying and jet into Northern Ireland for the performance.

She said: “It’s all new to me — I’ve never been to Belfast. Considering I grew up in Liverpool, I’m rubbish for hopping across the Irish Sea.

“I get horrendously seasick — I cannot set foot on a boat. But also, I’m also horrendously scared of flying. Landlocked in England, Scotland and Wales for ever.

“So, I have a rule that if I’m going to get on a plane, it has to be a proper plane with full engines. If it’s just propellers, I can’t do it.

“My tour manager has managed to get us a flight over on a proper plane with engines, so I’m coming. I’m like Mr T — ‘I ain’t getting on no plane, fool’.”

Sophie, who is married to the physio for Liverpool FC, has enjoyed huge success recently.

Paul McCartney

She’s a double Sunday Times best-selling author and Funny Women Awards winner, and her style of show can be likened to our very own Mammy Banter.

The 39-year-old said: “I’m yet to do Belfast, but I’ve done Glasgow and that was one of the most fun nights that I’ve done. It was brilliant, I could have stayed on that stage all night. I had so much fun and the audience were so up for it.

“Glasgow had the highest proportion of men in the audience that I’ve had to date, and when I came out on the stage, I had to address it straight away. Like, ‘What are you lot all doing here? Who’s looking after all of your children?’

“Normally it’s a 98 per cent sway towards women in the audience, and I’ll generally get the odd bloke who’s been dragged along as the plus-one for the evening, but Glasgow was very male-heavy and we all had a lovely time.

“They went away a little bit more educated than they thought they would be. I’m intrigued to see what Belfast will be like and whether it will be the same.”

Sophie McCartney brings Tired and Tested to Belfast’s Ulster Hall on March 7. Tickets available on Ulster Hall website and Ticketmaster

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