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Edict Egaming Expands Merkur Games With Atomo Gaming



Edict Egaming GmbH (edict), a subsidiary of the Merkur Group, has formed a strategic alliance with Atomo Gaming, a Spanish company known for developing gaming platforms and B2B integrations. This partnership aims to bring a wide selection of Merkur games to Atomo Gaming’s online casinos across South America through Edict’s proprietary Aggregator Solution.

Expanding Merkur’s Reach in South America

In an effort to extend the reach of Merkur’s popular slot games, edict is collaborating with Atomo Gaming to make these games available on various gaming platforms managed by Atomo. This partnership is set to enhance the gaming experience for South American players by providing them with access to a diverse portfolio of high-quality games. Atomo Gaming, recognized for its focus on delivering secure and enjoyable gaming experiences, will integrate Merkur’s games into its offerings.

For Edict, this collaboration with Atomo Gaming represents a significant opportunity to strengthen its market presence in South America. 

Dominic-Daniel Liénard, CEO of edict Egaming GmbH, highlighted the importance of this partnership by stating, “Atomo Gaming is known for its dedication to offering secure and entertaining games. By partnering with them, we are able to introduce our extensive range of Merkur games to a new audience. We are confident that South American players will respond enthusiastically to our offerings.”

The success of this partnership will largely depend on Edict’s Aggregator Solution, a cutting-edge platform that facilitates the seamless integration of games. This technology will ensure that Merkur’s games are smoothly incorporated into Atomo Gaming’s platforms, providing a seamless user experience. The Aggregator Solution also helps streamline the distribution process, making it easier for both companies to deliver high-quality content to players.

Atomo Gaming’s Market Influence

Atomo Gaming has built a strong reputation in the gaming industry, particularly in the development of both online and land-based gaming platforms. Its expertise in B2B integrations and loyalty to quality makes it an ideal partner for the Edict. By collaborating with Atomo, Edict can leverage its partner’s established market presence to introduce Merkur games to a broader audience in South America.

This partnership between Edict and Atomo Gaming is poised to significantly impact the South American online gaming market. By offering a wide range of Merkur slots, the collaboration aims to attract a large number of players and meet the growing demand for top-tier online casino games in the region. The strategic alliance also positions both companies for future growth and expansion, capitalizing on their combined strengths to enhance their market footprint.

Players in South America can look forward to an enriched gaming experience as a result of this alliance. Merkur’s games are renowned for their engaging gameplay and high-quality graphics, and their availability on Atomo Gaming’s platforms will provide players with more variety and excitement. This partnership is expected to set a new standard for online gaming in the region, offering players a reliable and entertaining gaming environment.

’’A s a part of the Merkur Group, edict egaming is the distributor of the Merkur online slots. These and games of other providers are delivered via the edict Aggregator Solutions to the top casinos and sports betting operators of the world.’’

The collaboration between edict Egaming GmbH and Atomo Gaming represents a significant step forward in the expansion of Merkur games in South America. This partnership underlines the importance of innovation and collaboration in the rapidly evolving online gaming industry. As edict and Atomo Gaming continue to work together, players can expect even more exciting developments and enhanced gaming options in the future.

Ramon Monros, CEO of Atomo Gaming, also rates the partnership with edict positively: “At Atomo Gaming we are happy to be able to integrate the Merkur games into our portfolio. We appreciate the trust of this great developer of market-leading games and we are sure that it will soon lead the player preferences in Ecuador on Bet593, in Guatemala on our brand Bet502 and many more countries where we are present with our platform”. 



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