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Commissioner asks how lying Northamptonshire police chief got job



Commissioner asks how lying Northamptonshire police chief got job

By Martin Heath and Sam ReadBBC News, Northamptonshire

BBC/Sam Read Danielle Stone with light-coloured hair and blue top outdoorsBBC/Sam Read

The police, fire and crime commissioner, Danielle Stone, said she could not understand why Mr Adderley lied on his CV

Northamptonshire’s police, fire and crime commissioner has said she does not understand how the county’s disgraced former chief constable got his job in the first place.

A disciplinary panel decided that Nick Adderley had lied about his naval rank, length of service and achievements.

He has been dismissed from his post and placed on the barred police list.

Danielle Stone, who became the commissioner after Mr Adderley was suspended, said she would make sure future candidates for top jobs were properly checked.

Labour’s Ms Stone was elected to the post of police, fire and crime commissioner in May, seven months after Mr Adderley was suspended on full pay.

It emerged that he had lied when applying for the post of chief constable, claiming to have served in the navy for a decade and risen to the rank of lieutenant – both of which were untrue.

He was dismissed after a five-day disciplinary hearing.

PA Media Nick Adderley with short dark hair in a police uniform in the Northampton Saints car parkPA Media

Nick Adderley attended the first day of his disciplinary hearing but stayed away for the rest

Ms Stone said: “I don’t understand how anyone reading his CV allowed him in.

“It won’t happen on my watch – I shall read every CV, I can assure you.”

She added that Mr Adderley did not need to lie.

“He had an extraordinary career, he came from nothing and ended up as a chief constable. He was really well thought of by his colleagues – I can’t understand why he did what he did,” she said.

Sam Dobbs with short brown hair and beard wearing a blue jacket outside

Sam Dobbs of the Police Federation said there was no place for lies in the police

Sam Dobbs, who chairs the Northamptonshire branch of the Police Federation, said: “There is never a place in policing for lies when our whole raison d’être is based on the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

“Today, we have lost a police officer, but that has to be balanced against maintaining the trust and confidence of the public.”

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