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Chinese horoscope – how the energy of the Yin Earth Snake affects every zodiac



Chinese horoscope – how the energy of the Yin Earth Snake affects every zodiac

From the Rat to Rooster, the movement of the Yin Earth Snake will snake around each Chinese zodiac sign in a different way; here’s the horoscope.

For the Rat, don’t be surprised if the weeks ahead of the May Bank Holiday start to feel stressful. You could feel overworked and underpaid, but a word of advice: plan ahead of what you will say if you are going to talk to your manager about managing your workload.

The Ox zodiac is encouraged to take risks in order to capitalise on big opportunities coming their way. Synchronicity could be evident in your life very soon and a business opportunity that could provide incredible value could present itself to you.

Meanwhile, the Tiger will be surrounded by family in the next few weeks and there could be temptation to learn more about your familial background.

Also be prepared to help out an extended family member, who may turn up for an unexpected visit. Rabbits, on the other hand, could be deepening their connections to friends and family nearby.

There could be an important talk with a partner to see if you are both on the same page as to where the relationship is going.

The Dragon could supplement their income with a money-making hobby, a second job, a promotion, or somebody giving you money back.

Wherever the extra funds may come from, the Dragon can expect a windfall in some way or another. For the Snake, now is the time to try out new opportunities and sow the seeds for future plans.

New connections and opportunities will become the building blocks for what is to come in the latter half of the year.

Horses may gain a new perspective on their roles at work, which could see them delegate, automate or eliminate jobs. Creating more efficiencies at work will benefit the Horse in the long term, so it’s wise to get to it.

Goats looking for love might find that a current friend has the potential to be a lifelong partner. For the Goat who is already coupled up, the friendship between you both could be invigorated and bring more emotional fulfilment to the connection.

The Monkey might change jobs following Bank Holiday Monday, whether that be a sideways move in the current company or a completely new job opportunity elsewhere.

This will be great news for the Monkey who is feeling stifled and bored in their current job role.

The Rooster may be making travel plans for the months ahead and putting all the final details together. If the Rooster is interested in flying or sailing lessons, now would also be a good time to sign up for those activities.

The Dog might notice more money coming in, but more money is also flowing out to cover life expenses. Cash flow may feel tight but be assured that good long-term decisions are being made.

Lastly, the Pig can expect a love relationship to be more smooth sailing as they leave past hurts behind.

Singles could meet someone who is interested in creating a future with them, but they need to be open to receiving somebody’s advances.

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