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Can you play Online slots on your Ereader?



I’ve never had an Ereader myself, for purely the reason that I loved reading an actual book and turning the pages. However, I do love to play games.

So when I was posed with the question – ‘Can you play online reels on an Ereader?’. I wanted to investigate if it was worth investing in. I normally also play apps like Candy Crush or Scrabble Go, so I’ve only recently started playing online casino, especially because of the free spins and bonuses you can get.

These apps are completely different to what I’ve played before, and I recently discovered there were so many themes and fancy electronics that you can get now. I also learned that Pokie machines pay 90% of the funds they collect.

But when I witnessed a friend play for 10 minutes on a fruit machine in the pool club and win £50. It was his round and my mind had changed.

So can they be played on e-readers?

After looking through some of the best paying online slots, I was interested to see what the best devices are.

And it’s true! They can absolutely be played on e-readers.

These devices are traditionally built for reading and whilst some say it’s a missed opportunity, there are e-readers now that have games built in.

Why not all e-readers are suitable

I’ve found, it has to be said, that playing online on e-readers is generally not available. This is due to the limitations of this kind of technology.

For example, because they’re designed for reading ebooks, they don’t have the same screen capability as a device that would instead be perfect for gambling.

This includes:

  • The hardware
  • Software
  • Speed
  • Screen resolution

Through researching it, I found out that they use something called E ink screens, which are basically designed for reading text in black and white instead of the colourful graphics you get with mobile apps. I’ve noticed that they also tend to be pretty slow in comparison.

So that software is limited when it comes to faster-paced operating systems and they also don’t tend to be compatible with third-party apps which you can use to download your favourite fun activities onto, like I would want to on my mobile or laptop. They’re essentially less powerful which could slow down the experience and could be frustrating for people. I would get frustrated, like back in the day when we had to wait ages for a video or a song to buffer before we could watch or listen. I’m glad technology has improved since then!

But I have to admit that’s not the point of an e-reader. In a nutshell, typically e-readers aren’t designed for this and in fact, are supposed to be a very simple piece of tech. They’re not designed that way, even the touchscreens won’t be adequate as they’re designed for turning pages, not necessarily pressing for the next wheel to spin. They won’t be as responsive and it doesn’t make for good gameplay compared to smartphones, tablets and other devices.

That being said…

Despite the limitations I mentioned above, there are actually some ereaders out there that can support and allow gameplay, which is great news if you don’t want to invest in too many devices.

I found that there are some more advanced readers that can give you access to either Android OS or Web browsers. This is more geared towards classic real-world activities like Solitaire or Minesweeper that you’d get built-in on a PC rather than downloading an app.

One of the most popular ones I know is the Amazon Kindle, but looking up there’s also and Onyx Boox series that allows this and a Kobo e-reader. They’re all quite similar but can allow you to access things such as basic websites and the Good Play Store to get access to the online activities that you wish to play.

I’ve noticed the screens are still not as great, and neither is the performance, but some models have the ability to access online gaming and interactive apps! The Kindle Fire is well-built for playing online reels and table apps and are well above the rest when it comes to online mobile gambling.

I have no doubt that other brands and devices will start to be competitive as this type of gambling becomes more and more popular each year. Having an estimated compound annual growth rate (GAGR) of 23.3% between 2023 and 2032.

I saw there are also tablet hybrids out there on the market. They still use the E ink capabilities but can be specialised with advanced technology so can either be connected to a computer and display content on the computer for a better resolution.

The future of mobile game playing

To sum up, I think the future looks promising as not only more apps are being developed for online casino sites, but it’s also becoming popular amongst consumers too. So as demand goes up, the businesses will have to keep up!

Technology is constantly changing, as we know so devices such as e-readers could develop and change, much like our mobiles did.

Markus lives in San Francisco, California and is the video game and audio expert on Good e-Reader! He has a huge interest in new e-readers and tablets, and gaming.

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