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Brits warned of ‘nasty disease’ risk at 10 destinations – including Europe



Tap water quality differs from country to country, and while the quality of tap water doesn’t impact how wonderful a destination is to visit, it does mean you should be cautious about what you drink. Whether you’re backpacking or heading on a beach break, there are some destinations an expert has warned holidaymakers to be wary of when it comes to drinking tap water.

The experts at have revealed 10 countries which don’t have full access to safe drinking water where tourists could catch a nasty case of stomach-related sickness.

In a worst-case scenario, drinking contaminated water can even lead to diseases such as cholera, dysentery and hepatitis A.

While many long-haul destinations made it onto the list, a European beach holiday favourite was also listed.

The experts warned those on holiday in beautiful Croatia should opt for bottled rather and avoid drinking from the tap.

According to the research, Mexico has 43 percent access to safe water with Costa Rica at 80 percent and Croatia only slightly higher at 82 percent.

Backpackers who are brave enough to take on Mount Everest in Nepal are at the highest risk as only 17 percent of the population have safe access to water.

Cambodia was found to have 27.76 percent access to safe drinking water, while in the Philippines the number rose to 47.6 percent.

Morocco, which has also grown in popularity with British tourists, is somewhere that bottled water may be safer for drinking. The study shows that 79.95 percent of the population has safe drinking water access.

The lower the water quality in certain destinations, the more important it is to avoid tap water. Even simple tasks like brushing teeth and showering could result in a trip to the hospital.

Andy Ellis, expert at, said: “It’s worrying how many popular holiday destinations don’t have safe drinking water, as it could mean millions of travellers are at risk of catching nasty diseases.

“This could range from a small stomach bug to a serious incident which requires a visit to the hospital.

“If you’re travelling to countries with unsafe access to drinking water, make sure to use bottled or filtered water only and keep your mouth closed whilst showering.

“The same goes for brushing your teeth, only use clean bottled water, otherwise, you could be applying nasty bacteria straight onto your gums.

The same goes for brushing your teeth, only use clean bottled water, otherwise, you could be applying nasty bacteria straight onto your gums.

“Some hotels may give pre-warning that the tap water is not safe to drink from but if you’re backpacking and staying in a hostel, the likelihood you’ll be pre-warned is low.

“We don’t want to put anyone off visiting these countries as there are amazing sites to visit and experiences to enjoy, just make sure to be extra cautious when it comes to water consumption.

“The last thing we want is for someone to be enjoying an amazing holiday, only for it to be cut short due to catching a nasty disease by drinking some tap water.”

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