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British TV star has made it on list for top 17 earners on OnlyFans



The former reality star was only pipped to the post by the likes of Iggy Azalea, Mia Khalifa, Tana Mongeau and Belle Delphine

OnlyFans has proved to be quite the successful get-rich-quick venture, for both us mere mortals and famous faces.

A string of notable names have made it on the list of the adult subscription site’s top earners, and a TV star from Southend-on-Sea has also managed to muscle her way on there to fly the flag for the UK too.

She was only pipped to the post by the likes of Iggy Azalea, Mia Khalifa, Tana Mongeau and Belle Delphine; so her standing on the OnlyFans rich list is admirable, to say the least.

But which humble British celebrity who we’ve sat and watched on the telly could be capable of competing with big names like these?

Introducing the one, the only, Megan Barton-Hanson.

The 30-year-old has really found her feet on the raunchy platform since launching her page in the throes of boredom during lockdown in March 2020.

You know what they say – boredom is the mother of creativity.

It seems it can also be the gateway to OnlyFans success as well, seeing as though Megan is making megabucks online.

Megan Barton-Hanson is making megabucks on OnlyFans.


For £15.84 ($20) a month, her adoring subscribers can access the reality star’s page and take a look at ‘uncensored photoshoots, exclusive content’ and behind the scenes snippets.

The former Love Island star insists she doesn’t do any ‘full explicit adult content’, but says she has plenty of ‘sexy and sensual teases’ in ‘cute lingerie‘ to keep her fans occupied.

Megan quickly made an impression on subscribers just months after joining OnlyFans, as she had soared up the rankings to become one of highest-rating earners on the platform by November 2020.

And like the astute businesswoman she is, she put all the money she was making into a stunning three-bedroom property in London, while kitting it out to her taste.

The former Love Island star joined the adult platform in 2020.


She revealed she was raking in between £20,000 and £70,000 each month from OnlyFans in July 2021 during an appearance on the Channel 4 documentary series, Kathy Burke: Money Talks.

Megan explained that she was inspired to join OnlyFans as she enjoys ‘getting glammed up’ and being able to ‘create the concept’ of her content herself.

She said: “It’s not this seedy, ropey world that the sex industry used to be. Even Love Island, we had to parade around in bikinis the whole time. No one has an issue with that.

“As soon as I take the power into my own hands and set a fee to do that it’s, ‘Oh my God, she’s such a slut’. Not really, I’m smart because I’m doing what everyone else is doing except I’m getting paid on top.”

Megan says she doesn't do any 'full explicit adult content'.


The Vice columnist, who shares advice about online dating, sex, and breakups – and even runs her own podcast, You Come First – isn’t kidding about the latter part of her sentence either.

According to Tuko News, Megan is making an estimated $1.9 million (£1.5m) per month on OnlyFans and is regarded as one of the most popular stars on the adult platform.

Who are the top OnlyFans earners in 2024?

As per Tuko News, these are the 17 highest earning content creators on the subscription-based site in 2024, along with their estimated earnings:

  1. Iggy Azalea – $9.2 million
  2. Coco Austin – $9 million
  3. Mia Khalifa – $6.4 million
  4. Erica Mena – $4.49 million
  5. Tana Mongeau – $3 million
  6. Gemma McCourt – $2.4 million
  7. Denise Richards – $2 million
  8. Safaree Samuels – $1.91 million
  9. Megan Barton-Hanson – $1.9 million
  10. Dannii Harwood – $1.27 million
  11. Casanova – $1.05 million
  12. Belle Delphine – $1 million
  13. Jem Wolfie – $900k
  14. Nikocado Avocado – $500k
  15. Veronica Perasso – $300k
  16. Lavaxgrll – $240k
  17. Reno Gold – $100k

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/meganbartonhanson_

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