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Best home gym equipment for every budget in 2024



You can easily spend thousands on the best home gym equipment, so while upgrading to the fanciest rowing machine or exercise bike might not save you money on an annual gym membership, having some decent gear at home makes it more convenient to work out whenever you want to.

Look past the Peloton and you’ll find cheaper alternatives to the trendiest brands, but not all are made equal – you may come across slippery yoga mats and flashy running shoes that are better suited to the catwalk than the towpath.

So, if you’re set on spending money, best make sure it’s on a select few bits of gym equipment that will truly help (rather than hinder) your home gym routine. Of course, we’re here to offer a shopping steer, with our trusty reviews of the very best home gym bits to buy.

Gymshark resistance bands and a Mirafit weight bench are all on the list of home gym equipment essentials we love. Prices start from as little as £10, and a whole host of these fit kit essentials can be easily stored under your bed or sofa, so don’t start to fret if you haven’t got your own dedicated gym room (we can dream).

Keep reading to find out which workout essentials are the best to buy, no matter how much you want to spend or how much space you have to work with. Just be sure to select the bits you know will work best for you, whether that be a rowing machine or a weight set that doesn’t break the bank.

How we tested the best home gym equipment

A selection of the best home gym equipment we put to the test

A selection of the best home gym equipment we put to the test (Lauren Cunningham)

To put these pieces of equipment to the test, we really did have to break a sweat. We jumped with the skipping rope, lifted the weights, ran on the treadmill and gave it our all on the rowing machine, resulting in the best fitness routine we’ve possibly ever had, and all from the comfort of our home.

As every piece of equipment is different, no two can be directly compared, but we have reviewed each one as a piece of individual kit, noting its pros and cons, cost and the amount of space it will take up in your home. So, whether you’re a rower, runner or lifter, we’ve found something to suit everyone and every budget.

The best home gym equipment essentials for 2024 are:

  • Best at-home rowing machine – Hydrow wave rower: From £1,235,
  • Best budget home gym equipment – Everlast resistance trainer, heavy: £9.99,
  • Best large weight set – Mirafit 10kg dumbbell weight set: £29.99,
  • Best treadmill – Peloton tread: £3,095,
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