Expands to the UK: Advancing Modern AI Solutions

Chart, AI auto pilot debuts in the UK market, transformative AI-driven solutions tailored for any industry, promising enhanced efficiency and innovation. is redefining business automation with AI, unlocking unprecedented efficiency and innovation across industries.”

— JCAi

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, November 21, 2023 / —, an AI-powered platform, has recently been introduced in the UK market. This platform is designed to offer automation solutions to various industries, aiming to streamline operations through advanced technology.

Details of’s Offering:

AI Integration: The core of lies in its use of artificial intelligence, facilitating features such as predictive analytics, process automation, and intelligent decision-making.

Industry Adaptability: Initially focused on the financial services sector, the platform’s framework is adaptable for healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and other sectors.

User Interface: emphasizes a user-friendly design, ensuring seamless integration with existing systems and requiring minimal user training.

Data Security and Compliance: The platform upholds high standards of data security and is compliant with GDPR and other global data protection regulations.

Customizability: Recognizing diverse business needs, offers customizable modules to suit different organizational requirements.

Sustainable Growth: Designed with scalability in mind, aims to grow alongside businesses, adapting to their evolving needs.

Future Plans and Company Vision:

Following its UK launch, intends to play a significant role in the AI industry, focusing on bringing innovation and efficiency across various sectors. Plans for future enhancements include refined AI algorithms and an expanded range of modules.


Founded by technology and industry experts, is committed to making advanced AI technology accessible to a broad spectrum of companies, enhancing productivity and fostering innovation.

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