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Andrew Tate has been grilled by Piers Morgan in a new interview

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Controversial influencer Andrew Tate has claimed he was “coerced” into an interview as he was questioned on allegations of rape and human trafficking in a new interview with Piers Morgan.

Both he and his brother Tristan are currently awaiting trial in Romania on allegations of forming a criminal gang to exploit women, which they both deny.

They will appear in the first of two episodes on TalkTV this evening, with news of the interview dividing opinion, with many calling for a boycott of the show and criticising the broadcaster for offering the brothers “a platform’.

In a 40-second clip released on social media site X, Tate can be seen denying that he is a “fantasist” and claims that he was the victim of a “Matrix attack”, before angrily responding: “I was coerced into this interview!”.

Morgan last interviewed the former kickboxer in December 2022, just eight days before Tate was arrested, in which he affirmed his belief that women were “given” to their husbands in marriage.

Tate first gained notoriety during the 2016 season of Big Brother in the UK, since then he has amassed a fanbase of young boys and men by styling himself as an alpha male lifestyle coach on social media.


‘We’re all feminists here,’ Tate says

After speaking about Amanda Holden, Tate said: “We’re all feminists here.”

When questioned if he does identify as a feminist, he confirmed that he did believe in empowered women.

However, he added that “men and women are created differently by God.”

“A man has certain jobs and a woman has certain jobs,” he said.

Holly Evans20 November 2023 20:53


Andrew addresses Amanda Holden comment

In a bizarre exchange, Tate once responded to a photo of presenter Amanda Holden in a bathing suit and wrote: “You are a wife and a mother and you are far past a teenager, there is no need for this post.”

Describing her as a close friend, Morgan said the tweet was misogynistic to which Tate explained: “You can call me crazy, you can call me misogynistic, but I think once you reach the ripe age of 50, any woman should not be interested in thirst trapping on Instagram. I think she has bigger responsibilities, I am sure she is a very intelligent lady and she has done amazing things.”

(Talk TV)

Holly Evans20 November 2023 20:49


‘Purest definition of misogyny I have ever read,” Morgan says of tweets

After reading out a lengthy tweet where Tate lays out out his views on women and his treatment of his partner, with Morgan concluding: “I think that is the purest definition of misogyny I have ever read,” Morgan concluded.

When Morgan asked Tate about his views on women being slaves and subservient, Tate responded, “Slaves that wear Prada.”

Holly Evans20 November 2023 20:42


Morgan questions Tate on the ‘loverboy method’

The method is a term that refers to men who use tactics to coerce vulnerable individuals into exploitation.

Tate pushed back: “Do you know what ‘loverboy method’ means? Being nice. ‘He was nice and polite and kind and they really liked him as a person, and he told them how to do TikTok’. He’s a lover boy!”

“I was nice to girls who asked me for TikTok advice, I didn’t beat or force them,” he said.

He then accused Morgan of using the “loverboy method” and of “coercing” them into the interview.

Holly Evans20 November 2023 20:34


Andrew Tate denies accusations as ‘garbage’

Tate has called the charges levied against him “garbage.”

He claimed that he was “thrown in jail” for his opinions on the coronavirus pandemic and the war in Ukraine.

Andrew added: “The whole thing is a joke.”

When questioned why this would cause him to be thrown in jail, he said: “I was the most googled peson on the planet and I had the most affinity with the most troublesome demographic for the matrix.”

Holly Evans20 November 2023 20:29


‘God has been paying my bills’

When questioned on how he was able to finance himself following the seizure of his bank accounts, he said: “God has been paying my bills.”

He revealed that he had 15 cars and six properties seized as well as a number of diamond watches and other assets which amounted to £16 or £17 million.

He added that he is yet to have these assets returned.

Holly Evans20 November 2023 20:21


Tate describes cockroaches and Romanian jail conditions

Asked about the conditions of the Romanian president where he was being held, Tate said: “It’s exactly as bad as people expect it to be. Luckily it was in winter so the cockroaches weren’t too bad.”

He added that there had been an “infestation” of cockroaches and there he had kept himself entertained by killing them as well as doing “thousands of push ups a day”.

He denied crying but stated he had tears rolling down his face. “I’m an emotional man, I think men are hyper emotional we just have to control it,” he said.

“I was in the middle of a battle, I don’t think you get PTSD when you are fighting.”

Holly Evans20 November 2023 20:15


Influencer describes legal case as ‘ridiculous’

When discussing his legal issues with Piers Morgan, he described the case against him as “insane” and “ridiculous”.

He is facing trial in Romania after being accused of rape and human trafficking charges.

Holly Evans20 November 2023 20:11


Tate describes recent year as ‘turbulent’

Andrew Tate has described his last year as a “turbulent time”, after he was arrested eight days after his last Piers Morgan interview.

He described being inside a “Romanian dungeon” for 93 days and added: “It’s certainly been an interesting one.”

Holly Evans20 November 2023 20:06


Piers Morgan Uncensored interview to air at 8pm

The interview with controversial influencer Andrew Tate is due to air on TalkTV at 8pm.

The two are expected to discuss his ongoing legal issues, Covid-19 and the Israel-Gaza conflict.

Holly Evans20 November 2023 19:55

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