A complete guide to getting a job as a student in the UK

Many students are highly interested to study in the UK. And most of the students are concerned about how can they work in the UK while studying. Here are a few tips to consider.

A complete guide to getting a job as a student in the UK

By India Today Education Desk: So you are in the UK for your studies but, after a brief period of settling down now, you are now looking for a job to manage your expenses. For a variety of reasons, part-time employment in the UK can be very advantageous for international students. In the UK, part-time employment is permitted while you are a student with numerous job possibilities. You may work up to 20 hours per week as an international student while enrolled in courses.

As long as your university is listed among the various colleges and institutions that permit students to work in addition to their studies, you can also find employment in the United Kingdom.

Bachelor’s students are also permitted to work full-time during the summer and holidays. Two key factors—those established by your university and those of state-run formal institutions—determine whether you are permitted to work in the UK while you are an undergraduate or graduate student. Before speaking with job representatives or an employer, you must first confirm that your institution does not prohibit you from working.

For instance, based on your study programme, your university might place restrictions on your working hours that go beyond statutory limitations. Though international students can easily find a part-time job in the UK, especially in major cities like London. There’s no need to worry because there are still plenty of options accessible to you even if some universities only permit you to work on campus. However, you must first determine your eligibility for such work before beginning your search for part-time employment.


Though a major chunk of students picks up their part-time jobs to assist with their living expenses. You can lower your cost of living in the UK by working part-time while you are a student. This covers the cost of housing rent, food expenditures, books, and a few other miscellaneous costs associated with studying in the UK. But as an international student, you must consider other benefits it offers apart from monetary backup. Here’s all you need to know from the expert Rohit Sethi, Director, ESS Global.

  • Upgrade yourself with new skills: employers value skills like time management, commercial awareness, initiative, teamwork, management skills, communication skills, etc., which you can build through part-time employment.
  • Networking opportunities: You will gain networking skills, professional relationships, and job search techniques while looking for part-time employment, all of which will help you launch a prosperous career.
  • UK work experience: Working a job that is associated with your profession will give you a priceless experience that will stick with you forever and assist you in finding employment in a variety of settings after graduation.


Graduate recruiters look for a variety of skills and competencies, frequently including teamwork, communication, problem-solving, time management, etc, in addition to excellent academic performance and English language proficiency. To find a list of required and ideal traits, credentials, and skills, consult the particular job description.

Make sure you address as many of the requirements as you can in your application. In your applications and during interviews, you’ll probably need to provide instances of times when you’ve used the necessary skills, also known as soft skills, employability skills, or transferable skills.

Consider the abilities you have developed as a result of your time studying abroad: adaptability, flexibility, and initiative come to mind. Particularly in teaching, finance, business, travel and hospitality, law, and the public sector, your language abilities and familiarity with diverse cultures can help you stand out. Students who can speak more than one language are especially sought after by international employers.

Summing up, getting a job while pursuing your studies in the UK is not only a good option, but something that you must do that will further help you build your confidence and work experience. Once you complete your studies, thanks to your part-time work, you will be industry ready too.

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