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5 cheap motors from premium brands for under £15k including stunning Porsche



A CAR buying expert has revealed five cheap motors from famous brands including a stunning Porsche and an iconic British sports car.

Petrolhead JB has taken to his YouTube channel to show viewers the best cars drivers can buy for under £15k without cutting back on luxury and class.


Car enthusiast Johnny Brighton told viewers his top motors picks for under £15kCredit: YouTube

In a recent video, Johnny Brighton – of the channel CarsWithJB – explored five cheap motors from premium brands for a steal of a price.

Johnny revealed to viewers that the cars were all from “insanely expensive manufacturers” but have ended up being relatively cheap.

Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit

The Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit can be purchased for under £15k


The Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit can be purchased for under £15kCredit: Rex Features

The Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit was a full-size luxury car produced from 1980 to 1997.

Johnny told viewers how at the time of its release the Rolls-Royce was the most well-known brand in the world except for Coca-Cola.

It even theoretically had more “brand presence” than Ferrari at the time, said the YouTuber.

Starting at just £7,000 on some auction sites nowadays the Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit is an absolute bargain.

It will commonly be listed for £15,000 with around 100,000 miles on the clock.

The iconic motor boasts a 6.8L V8 engine and can go from 0-60 in 10.1 seconds even though it was built as a luxury motor.

It has amazing features for its time such as automatic ride control which means you can adjust the suspension in real time.

Johnny describes the interior as a “proper luxury time capsule”.

He added: “Of course as it is a classic car while it might not be expensive to buy it might not be as quite as cheap to run and maintain.”

Bentley Arnage

The Bentley Arnage is a classic motor


The Bentley Arnage is a classic motorCredit: PA:Press Association

Rivalling the Rolls-Royce in luxury is the Bentley Arnage.

The classic brand was actually under the ownership of the same company as Rolls-Royce at the time.

Johnny explained that the workings of the two cars, owned by Vickers, were very similar.

Modern classic that Jeremy Clarkson called ‘perfect’ can be bought for £8k

It is powered by a 6.75 litre V8 engine and can go from 0-60mph in just 5.8 seconds.

And it puts out an impressive 400Bhp.

To secure a Bentley Arnage you will need to spend just under £10,000 at the bottom end.

In the upper range you will have to shell out just under £15k to get a 2002 model.

Porsche Cayman 987 S

The Porsche Cayman 987 S is a performance car at an affordable price


The Porsche Cayman 987 S is a performance car at an affordable price

The original generation Porsche is well within the £15k budget and has a streamlined look.

It starts at around £8,000 on the lower end of auction sites.

But for just under £15k you can nab one from 2008 with 60,000 miles on the clock.

Johnny said: “When you compare that to cars like the TTRS that’s decent money for a capable car which still has those beloved Porsche handling dynamics.”

As a cheaper entry point into Porsche ownership it is definitely a steal.

The YouTuber adds that it might be the first ‘baby-Porsche’ on the market to gain respect from motor enthusiasts.

That’s probably because it is an incredible performance car which can do 0-60mph in 4.8 seconds.

Maserati Quattroporte

The luxury performance motor comes at a decent price at some dealerships


The luxury performance motor comes at a decent price at some dealershipsCredit: Getty

The Maserati Quattroporte is a luxury sedan made by the Italian manufacturers.

The name translated from Italian means “four doors”.

It sits in the large performance luxury car class and a fifth-generation motor is not too pricey.

While Maserati is an expensive premium brand it is also known as one of the brands which suffer the most from depreciation.

Sitting at £9,475 on some auction sites such as AutoTrader, a 2007 Maserati is also on sale for up to £14,980.

The interior is described by Johnny as “premium and luxurious” with good specifications for the age of the motor.

Maserati and Ferrari were arch rivals before Ferrari bought the brand and slowly turned it into their own luxury division.

The iconic Italian motor is currently in it’s sixth generation, with the first generation introduced in 1963.

Aston Martin DB7

The Aston Martin DB7 is also under the £15k budget


The Aston Martin DB7 is also under the £15k budgetCredit: PA:Press Association

Johnny describes the Aston Martin as “one of the most perfect cars of all time”.

He says that the DB7 started as a Jaguar project and was mostly built using Jaguar parts.

The DB7 boasts a 3.2L I6 engine and 335Bhp.

It can go from 0-60mph in an impressive 5.5 seconds.

It is one of the most expensive cars on the list costing £14,495 at the lower end.

This could net you a 1998 model with 100,000 miles on the clock.

The Aston Martin DB7 was owned in the past by famous faces including Sir Elton John.

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