25 Black Friday Tech Deals You Can Shop Right Now

Tovala Smart Oven Pro ($175, originally $300)

An oven might not be the first tech deal that comes to mind, but let us explain why it should be. This device can switch between six cooking methods, including air fry, steam, bake, broil, reheat, and toast. What sets it apart is the ability to scan groceries, with the oven automatically adjusting to the ideal cooking time for perfect (and effortless) heating. The brand even provides an option meal subscription service for an added cost that delivers directly to your door and syncs seamlessly with its QR code feature. Learn more via our Tovala Smart Oven Pro review.

Editor Quote: “I’m not one for gimmicky gadgets, and this is far from that. Every single meal was delicious and easy. I think the best thing about this device though is that not only does it work on scanning its own meals, but it also works for popular microwaveable and toaster meals that include everything from Trader Joe’s frozen meals to Eggo Waffles. That’s right, all of those barcodes can easily be scanned on this device and it’ll automatically cook for you. Plus, it connects to your smartphone, so you can track a meal in the oven or even browse more recipes.” — Krista Jones, former editor, Commerce

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