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2024 NBA Draft: Top rookies in contention this year, a complete list



2024 NBA Draft: Top rookies in contention this year, a complete list

The 2024 NBA Draft‘s first round picks has already left basketball fans gasping as this season around, more stress is being given upon young guns and players, who are top performers from NCAA brackets, and have the zeal to excel in the respective NBA teams. There is a complete list of top rookies who may be seen ahead in the NBA season in full form during important clashes.

Often it was considered earlier that NBA’s draft pick frowns upon the rookie class of ballers, but not anymore, as there are multiple young prospects who can be suitable for fantasy basketball in the coming season. There were many rookies who had a big fantasy basketball hype in the last season including the likes of Victor Wembanyama, Chet Holmgren, Brandon Miller but this year around, the hype around the rookies is quite low as compared to last year’s trajectory. Getting picked by the most appropriate team under these circumstances can actually help turn the tide for these rookie players.

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2024 NBA Draft complete list: Alexander Sarr, a viable option

Alexander Sarr is one of the top prospects for the NBA Draft pick being just a 19-year-old Frenchman, having immense versatility and athleticism. The 7-foot-1 Frenchman has played in the Australian NBL, playing for Perth, and will be a projected lottery pick, with a shade of ultimate talent. According to Yahoo Sports NBA Draft analyst Krysten Peek, Sarr, is expected to go second overall to the Washington Wizards. The biggest advantage is that he can play both forward and center positions, giving the team management room for experimentation.

Reed Sheppard, a freshman as a top NBA rookie choice

Meanwhile, Reed Sheppard is yet another freshman choices who can be a top draft pick this time around. He has been the first Kentucky-based player to win an SEC Freshman title since Tyler Herro achieved the feat. His effectiveness and accuracy sets him part from most players, making him a top choice.

Stephon Castle, yet another top choice for fantasy basketball

Stephon Castle can be yet another probable but since he hasn’t played much PG in his first year at UConn, his tenacity can come into question during the NBA Draft pick. However, he is indeed an interesting prospect for fantasy basketball.


Is the first round of NBA Draft Pick over?
For the 2024 season, the first round of NBA Draft pick has already begun and has seen some top picks and rather surprising choices, that have made the audience gasp.

Where is the NBA Draft Pick happening?
The NBA Draft Pick is happening at the Barclays Arena, that saw a jampacked audience present during the first round, that saw them surprised at some of the astonishing picks.

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