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The 2024 Arnold Classic UK welcomed competitors to Birmingham, England from March 15-17. This event features seven bodybuilding divisions and served as a qualifying event for the 2024 Mr. Olympia. Seven divisions crowned champions including the new titleholder Hadi Choopan! 

The 2024 Mr. Olympia competition will return to Las Vegas, Nevada to celebrate its epic 60th anniversary. With limited opportunities to ensure a qualification, the pressure was on athletes to shine on stage. The 2024 Arnold Classic UK show comes just a few weeks following the Arnold Classic Ohio show, which saw an intense showdown between Hadi Choopan and Samson Dauda unravel. 

In the end, Hadi Choopan’s hard muscle density and dry conditioning stole the show; he walked away with his first Arnold Classic title, having defeated Dauda by 10 points on the judges’ scorecards. Athletes this weekend battled during prejudging and finals in hopes of solidifying their place as one of the best.

Based on the prejudging rounds, it appears to be another intense battle between Choopan and Dauda. Dauda looked to have improved his conditioning from the 2024 Arnold Classic. Meanwhile, Choopan presented his signature hardness as he set his sights on another major title. 

2024 Arnold Classic UK Winners

  • Men’s Open: Hadi Choopan 
  • Classic Physique: Wesley Vissers
  • Men’s Physique: Corey Morris 
  • Bikini: Vania Agusute 
  • Fitness: Jaclyn Baker
  • Wellness: Leonida Ciobu
  • Men’s Wheelchair: Gabriele Andruilli 

2024 Arnold Classic UK Results

Men’s Open

It was another wild back-and-forth between Hadi Choopan and Samson Dauda on the UK stage. Dauda, who took third at the last Mr. Olympia, continues to make drastic improvements to his physique from season to season. However, weeks ago, he was unable to stop Hadi Choopan’s complete hard muscularity on the Arnold Classic Ohio stage in second place. 

Meanwhile, it was clear 2024 AC Ohio champ Hadi Choopan only improved his hardness further after prejudging. His chest striations stood out and judges took notice. After an exciting posedown, Hadi Choopan took home the big win. Samson Dauda took second, and Akim Williams claimed third. 

  • Winner — Hadi Choopan 
  • Second Place — Samson Dauda 
  • Third Place — Akim Williams 
  • Fourth Place — John Delarosa 
  • Fifth Place —  James Hollingshead 
  • Sixth Place —  Mohamad Shaaban 
  • Seventh Place: Antoine Vaillant
2024 Arnold Classic UK Bodybuilding Winners
2024 Arnold Classic UK Bodybuilding Winners / @arnoldexpouk

Classic Physique

It was another battle between two of the best Classic Physique competitors on the planet, Wesley Vissers and Breon Ansley. Ansley, a former two-time Classic Physique Olympia winner, entered this event after taking fourth in Ohio. Meanwhile, Vissers was eager to replicate the success he enjoyed after claiming the sport’s second-highest honor weeks ago

After some intense prejudging rounds and a nail-biter finale, Wesley Visser’s conditioning once again stole the show. He walked away in first place with Breon Ansley asserting himself in second place while Urs Kalecinski settled for third. 

  • Winner — Wesley Vissers 
  • Second Place — Breon Ansley 
  • Third Place — Urs Kalecinski 
  • Fourth Place — Michael Daboul 
  • Fifth Place — Emanuele Ricotti 
  • Sixth Place: Denis Romanov
  • Seventh Place: Joshua Eastham

2022 Arnold Classic UK Classic Physique Winners2022 Arnold Classic UK Classic Physique Winners

Men’s Physique 

In the finals, fans could see it was an intense showdown between Diogo Montenegro and Corey Morris. Montenegro entered this event with huge confidence after claiming gold at the recent 2024 Arnold Classic Ohio. 

Meanwhile, Corey Morris was eager to bring an even better package this time out. With a dry midsection and huge chest, Morris commanded center stage. Morris, who took fifth at the last Arnold Classic, made crucial improvements to his physique’s completeness tonight. As a result, Morris ended the show in first place. Diogo Montenegro finished second and Vitor Chaves snatched bronze. 

  • Winner — Corey Morris 
  • Second Place — Diogo Montenegro 
  • Third Place — Vitor Chaves 
  • Fourth Place — Clarence McSpadden 
  • Fifth Place — Mahmood Al-Maghrabi 
  • Sixth Place — Kadeem Hillman


It was a thrilling event in the Bikini category as the top contenders brought some showstopping physiques to the stage. Among the frontrunners were Tara Grier and Vania Auguste, who both brought exceptional balance to their looks. Grier came into this event with solid momentum having claimed gold at the 2023 Lenda Murray Pro

Opposite of Grier was Auguste, who just took third at the 2024 Arnold Classic Ohio show. In the end, Vania Auguste’s aesthetics were the talk of the night; she walked away in first place. Tara Grier finished second and Marie-Even Ducheneau claimed third. 

  • Winner — Vania Auguste 
  • Second Place —  Tara Grier 
  • Third Place — Marie-Eve Duchesneau
  • Fourth Place — Angelica Teixeira 
  • Fifth Place — Eli Fernandez 
  • Sixth Place — Phoebe Hagan
  • Seventh Place — Lucia Malavaze
  • Eighth Place — Tatiana Lanovenko
  • Ninth Place — Lisa Reith
  • Tenth Place — Nittaya Kongthun
  • Eleventh Place — Ottavia Mazza
  • Twelfth Place — Ndeye Ndour
  • Thirteenth Place — Alice Marchisio


Ariel Khadr was out to cement herself with two Arnold Classic titles after winning in Ohio just weeks ago. Given her history of explosive individual routines, she entered this competition as a notable favorite. Khadr also seemed to have brought a tighter package than what she displayed in Ohio but there were plenty of threats hungry to thwart her efforts on stage. 

Jaclyn Baker was back in action this weekend and looked to have brought one of her best looks to date. In addition to her posing prowess, Baker’s thin waist and stage presence stood out. Baker took second behind Khadr at the 2024 Arnold Classic but was out for redemption in the UK. In the end, Jaclyn Baker exacted revenge to take home the first prize! Ariel Khadr took second place with Michelle Fredua-Mensah finishing in third. 

  • Winner — Jaclyn Baker 
  • Second Place — Ariel Khadr 
  • Third Place — Michelle Fredua-Mensah
  • Fourth Place — Abby Bolton 
  • Fifth Place — Aurika Tyrgale
  • Sixth Place — Michaela Pavleova 
  • Seventh Place: Tiffany Chandler
  • Eighth Place: Nikolett Szabo
  • Ninth Place: Minna Helena Pajulahti


Having last competed at the 2022 Wellness Olympia contest, Juliana Mota was on a mission to secure gold. She continues to display exceptional shape and aesthetics and tonight was no different. She shined in the UK and put on a show for fans. 

Fighting for the center stage was also Leonida Ciobu. She carried momentum heading into this event as she clinched gold dominantly at the 2023 Empro Classic Pro show. In the end, it was Leonida Ciobu’s completeness that led to her big victory! Juliana Mota and Sandra Colorado Acal walked away in second and third place. 

  • Winner — Leonida Ciobu 
  • Second Place — Juliana Mota 
  • Third Place — Sandra Colorado Acal 
  • Fourth Place — Rosa Benadero Munoz 
  • Fifth Place — Amanda Burnett 

Men’s Wheelchair 

  • Winner — Gabriele Andriulli 
  • Second Place: Nick Hewitt

2024 Arnold Classic UK Scorecards

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Our team at Fitness Volt congratulates the winners on their major victories! 

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